Are my nipples too low or implants too high?

I had an implant exchange 4 months ago. I went from round saline overs to teardrop silicone unders... My concern is how low my nipples seem... is it just me? My surgeon says this is a mature look... and says he's happy with the outcome . I'm 38 years old .... I feel like my nipples should be higher... I'm not happy :(

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Placement of the nipple and areola position with breast implants - Los Angeles

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The level of your arms and posture can really influence the answer to your question. I use biometrics to measure ideal parameters with patients standing straight and their arms down.

I think it would be premature to say that the NAC is low.

Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant revision

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Hello LaraJ- It appears that your breast mounds are symmetric and are not too high. Therefore, I agree with you that your Nipple-Areolar (NA) complexes are relatively low on your breasts. Ideally, nipples are on top of the breast mound pointing a bit upwards and outwards (not directly forward like headlights). But breasts don't have to be 'ideal' and if you can enjoy them the way they are in and out of clothes, then maybe nothing more needs to be done. Raising your NAs requires a breast lift or mastopexy and in my opinion, you are best suited for the lift that requires incisions around the areola and extending down to the lower breast fold. You may not want these incisions, but they truly tend to heal well with time. Accepting these incisions is the only way to get your nipples where you probably want them and to tighten your lower breast curve. It will make your entire breast more youthful in contour...more aligned with your age of 38yo. Your last breast surgery only addressed your implant issues. Talk to your surgeon about your lift options. A circumareolar lift (donut lift) might be suggested and can sometimes help but be careful with this option as it does not tighten your lower breast pole very much, can sometimes make a breast that looks like a donut, lead to poor healing around the areola and sometimes create different sized areolae. Good luck to you.

Mark Anton, MD, FACS
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Are my nipples too low or implants too high?

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The result is acceptable but maybe a donut lifting would solve your issues of nipple location. Best to discuss with your surgeon again or seek IN PERSON second opinions.

Are my nipples too low or implants too high after revisionary breast surgery?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. Although difficult to give you a meaningful evaluation without more detail, including preoperative pictures, it seems to me like you have achieved a very nice outcome with the revisionary breast surgery. Your nipple/areola complexes do not seem too low to me. Of course, your opinion matters most; if you feel that the breast implants sit too high or that the nipple/areola complexes sit too low, address your concerns with your plastic surgeon. If of significant concern, additional surgery to improve your situation is certainly possible.

Best wishes.

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