I had a full anchor Mastopexy with high profile saline replacements. Are my nipples high enough? (photos)

 Is my nipple placement good?

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Nipple position after breast lift and augmentation

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Without the ability to physically examine you and take measurements, I can't categorically say your nipples are perfect, but based upon the photos they certainly seem to be close to ideal at this time. Don't be surprised or alarmed if your nipple position seems to change as the breasts heal and mature. Based upon these early photos I would expect that you will ultimately have a very good result when the breasts have fully healed. Best wishes to you.

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon
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Things look great.

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Although it is difficult to fully evaluate a patient based on pictures alone, I think everything looks great.  Nipple position is excellent as well.  


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Based on these photos, the nipple placement looks great.  

You seem to have a lot of questions/concerns about your results as you've posted at least 5 questions/concerns about your surgery today.  I think you need to discuss things with your surgeon as you have a lot of concerns.

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Excellent result after anchor lift and breast augmentation

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You have an excellent result.  Your nipple areola position looks excellent.  You are early after recovery and as the implants descend or drop your nipple areola position should look more normal to you.

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