Can my Nipples Be Centered & Areolas Lowered?

I'm 10 months post op, I had a augmentation and lift done. I'm very please with my lift. Only issue is my areolas are placed a little to high they show when I wear certain bras and tops. Also my nipples are not centered on my chest. Im not able to wear low cuts. My left is much worse than my right. Can this be fixed?

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Correcting the position of your nipple...

Some patients experience migration of the implant downward on the chest wall following surgery.  This can happen when the inframammary fold is unable to support the implant either due to weakened tissues or malposition of the implant.  The result is an artificially high areola which can protrude above a bra or low-cut top.  To see if this is the problem, try hiking up your bra strap (the one around the chest, not the one over the shoulder) to lift the implants higher.  If this fixes the problem, it can be a fold issue and may require surgery to repair.  See your doctor and discuss your concerns.

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Fixing the position of the areolae after breast surgery

Usually, small changes in the size and position of the nipples/areolae can be done under local anesthesia in the office.  Anything major will most likely need to be done in the operating room.

Nipple position issues

Without the minimum of seeing photos it is diffiucl tto say, but you would most likely need an exam to give a better answer

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Revision after lift and augmentation

These issues could possibly be addressed but with out photos it is hard to say if this is possible in your case.  

Areoale too high after lift??

Without photos it is really difficult to give you a response that has any value. Consider attaching them to your question.  

Correcting an areola that is too high is one of the difficult challenges to plastic surgeons. It can be done but may leave a scar that is also hard to conceal in the clothing that is currently problematic to you.  

Thanks for the question. Best wishes.

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