My Neck, Masseter and Submandibular Muscles Are Very Prominent. What Do You Recommend?

But my skin is not loose. During a platysmaplasty are any muscles ever removed to smooth out and balance the face?

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Option for prominent neck muscles

Prominent neck muscles, such as the platysma, are addressed through a platysmaplasty procedure.  Fat is removed from both above and below the platysmal muscle to give more of a natural jaw line contour.  Occasionally the digastric muscle is softened and trimmed when there is hypertrophy of that muscle in the submental area.  This can all be done through a neck lift procedure if there is fullness in the neck.  A facelift must be performed if there is lax skin.

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How do I handle my neck muscles?

Prominent masseter muscles can be treated with botox with some improvement. Prominent submandibular glands can be a bit more problematic. Even if a technically sound neck and facelift is performed, prominent submandibular glands can detract from the enhancement of the jaw line. During a platysmaplasty, it is common to trim a portion of the platysma muscle on either side of the midline to get a tighter closure and a smoother contour. Without pictures it is difficult to make recommendations. I would visit with at least two qualified and experienced surgeons for further recommendations.

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Neck improvement

Dear peabelly,

   Pictures will be extremely helpfull. Without them it is difficult to give you an appropriate opinion . For the Masseter some doctors use botox and some shave it off. For the Platysma muscles, if there is no fat under the muscles and you have prominant  band, the excess muscle can be removed and the residual muscle tightened up , to give you a nice neck angle. If there is fat under the muscle, it is removed and the muscle is plicated into the fat cavity  The rest is tighten up similarly. Be sure to select an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

                            Best of luck,

                                                         Dr Widder

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