Why is my Neck Stiff, Tight with Pleated Skin After a Lower Facelift Only?

My Neck is Very Tight and Stiff with Pleated Bands of tissue running up the sternocleidomastoid muscle region with swelling in my neck to the mastoid. It is very difficut to turn my head due to the tissue pulling and tightness. There are tight bands anterior and posterior to the SCM muscle and the skin does not lie flat but is bunched behind my ears. This is uncomfortable and almost painful. What causes this and when can I expect it to resolve? Is this normal after a lower facelift without a necklift?

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Post op Lower Facelift

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It sounds to me like the dynamics and the direction of pull were done incorrectly. It does not matter how much skin is removed and it does not matter whether it was a lower facelift or complete facelift.....If the flaps are not well undermined and the direction of pull is not spread out evenly you will see the kind of result you are describing. Possibly with time some of this may loosen a bit, appear better, and become more comfortable. If not you may need revision surgery to correct things.


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