Are my Native Breasts too Far Apart for Implants to Flatter Me? (photo)

I am currently a 34 small B and the doctor pointed out that my native breast sit farther apart from each other and one is slightly smaller than the other. I am worried they will be uneven or not symmetrical, Is it not as pretty when the breasts don't sit as close to each other on the chest and will I still have cleavage?I am 5'9 and weigh 140 they recommended 450 cc silicone gel implants with an IMF incision.Because I am tall will the implants make me look bigger and is that size to big for me?

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Wide space in Breast Augmentation

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I agree with your surgeon that you have a wide space between your breasts - but I  think that breast implants will actually improve this a lot.  The only reason to note this is to realize that your implants will not be able to sit really close together.  From what I can see in your picture, the size you are picking is great - I don't think they will make you look bigger but breast size is a very personal decision.  I use 3D imaging in the office and breast sizers you can try on to help patients determine the size they want pre-operatively.  Good luck!  K. Roxanne Grawe, MD Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Are my Native Breasts too Far Apart for Implants to Flatter Me?

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Yes your genetic/anatomic position of your breasts are separated. But as for the size that is a very specific decision that best done in person with your surgeon. Us guessing a size for you with so little info and a poorly posted frontal view would be a dis service. Seek more IN PERSON evaluations. 

Is it normal for your incision to be hard after 6 wks

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Your breasts do have a wider space between them than in some women. Implants will be centered on your breasts--they won't move the breasts to the center. But nor will they give what I would consider a bizarre appearance. 

Cleavage is not a likely outcome--these implants will probably be under the muscle, and the pectoral muscle attaches to the breastbone a bit further from the midline when the breasts are also widely space. 

Based on your height and weight the size chosen seems OK. Breast measurements are also important in the decision, and presumably those were made by your surgeon. Trying on the implants is a very helpful way to see if the implants seem too big to you. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Implants and anatomy

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Implant positioning is definitely limited to some extent by your anatomy. So if you do not have cleavage you  may not have to omuch after surgery. Some asymmetry is also normal.

Breast implants in far separated breasts

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You are asking a number of good questions all at once.  Yes a 400-450 cc silicone gel implant that is high profile will flatter you tremendously, and you will have significantly improved cleavage, but your native breast is widely separated and you have to remain realistic about the result. As plastic surgeons we are very careful not to over dissect and cross the midline creating synmastia or "uniboob.  As for the IMF incision, I find them unattractive and visible.  I have seven years of gel augmentations through periareolar incisions that are invisible.  Make sure you look at pictures.  Good Luck

Neil Gottlieb, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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