Will my Nasolabial Juvederm Lumps Ever Dissolve? If Juvederm Forms As a Lump, is Ii Permanent Unless You Have Hyaluronidase?

13mnths ago(yes 13!!) I had Juvederm 3 injections & about 2mnths later 1 firm lump appeared(on both nl folds)close to the corners of my mouth.I found out about the Hyaluronidase injection by 1st going to my GP about the lumps(not knowing what had caused them at the time)& then complaining to the place where I had the Juvederm treatment-they said they do Hyaluronidase injections but because I lost trust in them I chose not to & thought I could wait it out.But I didn't expect it to take this long!

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Unlikely to have permanent result

It would be highly unlikely to have such a long lasting bump from a Juvederm injection, it is not impossible but would be uncommon.

I would suggest you follow up with a reliable board certified cosmetic dermatologist if you do not see resolution.

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