Is my Nasal Bridge Full Healed by Now?

I had a Rhinoplasty, in the summer of 2008. A week ago, I went to a new doctor and had filler placed in my bridge due to assymetry. After he injected, he pressed hard on my bridge- to the point where it hurt I asked him, if that pressure, could cause further indentation, he replied, No- the swelling has gone, down and I see an indent, that was not there before. Do you think that, my nose is rock solid by now, or do you think he could have caused that indent? .

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Healing after rhinoplasty and filling imperfections with fillers

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It seems more likely that the indentation is due to the filler.  Your dorsum (nasal bridge) is fully healed from your rhinoplasty in 2008.  How long ago was the injection done?  Follow up with your doctor because most likely the indentation is within the filled area itself.  He can either mold it further or touch up the area.  

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