My Nasal Bone Swelled by Putting Pressure on Both Sides, Will It Return to Normal? (Photo)

hi, my name is jairus, i always want to make my nasal bone narrowed just like the others, so i grab a solid object and push both sides of my nasal bone for about 30 minutes, after that i saw my right side of my nasal bone swelled, will it return back to normal again?

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Nasal bone swelling

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Unless, you heard an audible crack when pressing on your nose you will do just fine and it will return to normal.  But at no point will utilizing finger pressure on your nose narrow your nose for more than a few minutes.  90+% of our nasal appearance is generated by deep bone and cartilage structure.  Externally manipulating your nose with finger pressure will get you nowhere.  Consider a consult with an expert in your area to address your concerns and talk to you about options.

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