I'm Now on my 5th Mo on Accutane, my Face Cleared Already but Why Haven't the Some Old Whiteheads Disappeared?

I've been on Accutane for 5 mos, my face cleared ... but some of the old whiteheads "bumps" on my face didn't disappear.. I only use Panoxyl wash, Ceramide, and Bleach on my skin as prescribed by my derma... I only use Theraderm as my make up...Please help

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Accutane takes several months to work

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Accutane takes several months, if not a year, to fully work. You need to maintain your regimen and dosage that your dermatologist suggested. While the active more red acne may have cleared, the underlying more cystic type acne can take a lot longer. Additionally, you may need to have other treatments done if what is left behind is scarring and not actually acne.

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