A Feminine Face is All I Ever Wanted? (photo)

I've always been taunted about my looks by both family, friends & strangers. Once I took a picture of myself with my phone & actually thought the picture came out nice. I went to show my mom so she could see it & the first thing she asked was "Who is that man in this picture?" Ppl have told me I look manly out of pure opinion and NOT spite. So it is confirmation that I am ugly. I know exactly what I want. (open & closed) rhino. Lip lift. Filling of smile lines, chin reduction &lipo. Suggestions?

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Being too hard on yourself

I think you are being way to hard on yourself and I do not believe that surgery is the best option for you at this point. If you want to consider a rhinoplasty then you should make an appointment with an experienced plastic surgeon. 

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