Can my Midline Be Corrected Due to Missing Lateral? (photo)

I knocked out my left lateral when I was younger. I had braces and my ortho shifted my teeth forward and then shaped my canine to look like the lateral. Years later my teeth shifted, so I recently completed invisalign. My midline shifted even more to the side and my dentist said that it wouldn't look so bad once the whole process was done. I have the temporary vaneers and I go back in a few weeks for porcelain ones. Is there anything to fix the midline? Braces?

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Midline correction

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It looks like you are getting 4 veneers/crowns. It is possible to shift the midline a little by making the veneers slightly offset. However it will be harder to do this with only 4. It is easier to to it with more veneers because the technician has more room to work with. Also, the teeth need to be prepared all the way thru in between to do this. Not just in the front.

I hate to say it, but this should have been brought up at the invisalign stage. You could have corrected some of it with invisaling. It takes a while but by shaving a bit from between some teeth on the opposing side, the midline can be shifted some. The rest can be masked with the veneers.

Better yet, when your tooth was lost, the orthodontist should have left a space for an implant.

The only good news I can give you is that most people do not notice a midline discrepancy. You do because you are aware of it. Ask trusted friends and family if they notice and you may be surprised.

Good luck

Dr. T

Miami Beach Dentist

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