My Medpor Implant Removed in the 10th Day Post Operation (Dorsum Augmentation)?

My first operation has been done on 24/Oct/2012. open rhinoplasty.. Medpor inserted. after one week my doctor take the Splint. the look of the new nose was very good. but i read more much about Medpor and found that it's very hard to remove if getting infected or rejected. so I go back to my doctor (Decent Man) and I told him about my fears.. he said that it can be removed in any time and the risk of infection is less than 4%. I didn't agree and I told him I need to remove it.

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Nasal Implant Removed, Cartilage Placed

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   Removing a nasal implant in favor of autologous tissue is usually a good move.  There is definitely a smaller risk of infection.

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