Will my lower lid retraction & change of eye shape after a cheek lift & lower eyelid lift be permanent?

In order to improve my lower eyelid area (dark circles/hollow sockets/strong demarcation between cheek & eye area) my ps performed a lower eyelid lift (subcutaneous bleph w/ canthopexy) while also lifting the cheek, repositioning the fat/fat grafting & trimmed some skin (had mild laxity). It's been 2 1/2 mos. & my left eye is a bit smaller & my right eye is mildly retracted. My eyes still look roundish & slightly pulled down . Should I start grieving the loss of my beautiful, almond shaped eyes?

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I think you know how this is going.

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I don't think you should listen to surgeons who tell you that everything will be OK without examining you and listening to your concerns.  In my experience 2 1/2 months is not the infancy of recovery.  The truth is successful surgery looks serene and great almost immediately out of the gate.  Circumstances do arise with small issues that thankfully do resolve with a little bit of time.  This bit of truth sometimes motivates surgeons to give patients false hope about how much resolution to expect.  This is often misplaced especially after mid face surgery misadventures because gravity is not on your side.  The dilemma you will have is where to have revisional surgery if the result is not visually acceptable.  Don't grieve that loss of your beautiful eyes because there is help available for you.  Study my website so you understand what is available for definitive reconstruction.  

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Lower eyelid retraction after surgery

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Without photos it is almost impossible to make an intelligent comment. 2 1/2 months is long but I have seen remarkable improvement with appropriate conservative treatment (massage, taping, etc.) even after that. So don't rush into anything invasive yet. Discuss with your PS.

Andrew Pichler, MD
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Too early for grief!

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It is hard to comment properly without photos.Could you upload some? First step, see your PS personally, you are in the infancy of recovery. Don't lose heart just yet.

Good luck!

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