Why is my Lower Legs/calfs Still Numb and Tingly Even Though Liposuction Was Performed 2 Years Ago?

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2 Years after Liposuction and Numbness

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   Numbness 2 years after liposuction will likely not improve.  I would return to your plastic surgeon and ask for recommendations.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Why are my legs still numb two years after liposuction?

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Numbness in any area is very unusual a year after liposuction. My guess is that you had some energy based liposuction performed, such as laser or ultrasound liposuction. These procedures may be as effective as traditional liposuction, but they do add another dimension to the complications because they emit heat. I have also seen burns of the skin and pigmentation changes from these procedures.

If your procedure was traditional liposuction, your numbness is very unusual, and I have no answer for you. Numbness is usually temporary, so do not give up hope yet.

Good luck.

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