My Lower Bleph Scar is Feeling Tight 4 Months After Surgery?

I had external excisions that have significant tightening sensations over the last month or so, which is also resulting in the lid pulling down away from the eyeball. I can usually gently massage this to soften and the lid will sit fairly flush with the eye but I worry that if I don't massage it will heal with ectropion setting in. Any advice?

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Scar tightness after lower lid blepharoplasty

External approach to the lower lid (transcutaneous) could result in a scar that has contracture that could lead to to ectropion (lid malposition). Massage might help. Cortisone injections also. Revision surgery might also be needed. Follow closely with your surgeon.

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My Lower Bleph Scar is Feeling Tight 4 Months After Surgery?

The conclusion of a scientific paper that I wrote, in the early 1990's, comparing the then newer transconjunctival (incision inside the eyelid) lower Blepharoplasty versus the transcutaneous (what you may have had) showed a marked increase in the number of lower eyelid malpositions associated with the transcutaneous (incision through the skin) approach.  You might want to ask the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your lower eyelid surgery for evaluation and recommendations.

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Tightness of lower lid

Massaging the eye to keep it up is sometimes required in patienta that have had lower lid surgery.  This can be the result of scar tissue  to name one cause.  Massage helps with this problem.  This may go away over time with massage even at 4 months, or it may not. Sometimes other procedures are required if this does not improve with time.  Good luck.

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Abnormal eyelid surgery healing

What you are describing doesn't sound like normal healing process, however it is difficult to say without looking at photos or examination. Consult an oculoplastic surgeon.


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You need this assessed by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon and fixed.

Unfortunately this problem will not be going away on its own.  You have damage to the eyelid from the eyelid surgery.  This obviously is not the outcome you or your surgeon were looking for.  There are a variety of reasons these situations develop.  I encourage you to read on my website to learn more about this.  However, the reality is that you are describing a serious eyelid malposition with chronic eye irritation.  Drops can ointment can be used to comfort the eye but these types of situations generally require a surgical repair.

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