Why Do my Lips Poof out at Sides? (photo)

I've thought of everything - maybe my maxillary jaw is too far forward, my cheeks are too big, my mouth is too wide, I have an overbit (I don't think I do), my chin is too small - but I can't figure out why my lips 'poof' at the sides. Do I just have chubby cheeks or jaw issues? Or is BDD revving overtime? Also, not worried about nose right now, but I do wonder: Why does my nose 'spread' when I smile when other people's noses don't move?

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Poofing Lips Secondary to Prominent Fat Pads

There are discrete fat pads in the face and there are fat pads located around the lips.  As we age, we actually lose fat in these fat pads and they make the thin and turn inward.  You have the anatomy where you have prominent fat pads around your mouth.  These large fat pads in combination with your mildly weak chin are contributing to your poof.


Your nose spreads or moves when you smile because some people have a tiny muscle that contracts when they smile producing the effect.  It can be improved with a little botox.


I hope this helps.  

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