Lips tilt down on the right side, and have sagging corners? (photos)

Hi, guys! I'm a young female who's going to get several procedures done, but has a huge problem with my lips. They're also quite thin and not much wider than my nose. I'm hoping Botox will help the sloping, and a buccal fat removal will fix the sagging (maybe a corner lip lift?). Will augmentation help the width? I don't want a defined Cupid's bow, rather a more subtle one and a perfectly round lower vermilion border.

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Lip lift

Before doing anything to the lips, need to see your bite, and teeth. hypoplastic maxilla or abnormal frontal teeth growth may give you the changes in the moth shape.

I would be very hesitant to advise a young person to do lip advancement with incision at the white roll line. In some it is hardly seen but in some it is obvious. Same with lateral lip lift that puts a scar on the skin of the lip.

Removing the cheek fat pad may hollow your cheek, but it may also affect the lip adversely.

You need a good examination and analysis of the problems and the final look you desire

then plan for the right surgical procedure.

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