Can my Lips Be Made More Proportional and Full? (photo)

My lips are just very strange overall. They are incredibly disproportionate to my face, and each lip is disproportionate to the other. My top lip is "short". Is there any way to lengthen it? I just want my lips to be balanced, I don't want a huge amount of fullness. How many syringes of Juvederm would make my lips balanced, proportionate, and a good amount of fullness. Thank You.

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Balancing Lip Volume

First, I would like to say that I don't find your lips 'strange' in the least bit. You simply have outer lip segment that have less volume than you would like. Adding a filler to the outer upper lips would be a nice technique to give your lips better proportion. At your age, avoiding external lip incisions would be advisable. Work on the volume aspect and see if that satisfies you. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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Nonsurgical Lip Augmentation With Fillers Can Restore Balance, Symmetry, and Proportion to the Lips

Nonsurgical lip augmentation is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive treatment for restoring volume to lips that have become pencil thin with age-related volume loss, as well as for achieving greater aesthetic symmetry and proportion in instances of natural lack of balance.

The materials available today are vastly superior and versatile compared to the collagen fillers, such as Zyderm and Zyplast, that I first used for lip augmentation more than thirty years ago.

When lip volume within the dry area of the red lip is required, I prefer a smooth volumizer, such as Juvederm Ultra Plus XC. If the tubercles (the rounded, protruding regions along the  lips) need plumping, I prefer Restylane L, which possesses a superior lifting capacity. If the Cupid's Bow and Philtral Columns above the upper lip require definition (or sometimes even need created or reconstructed), I prefer Belotero Balance, which can be injected superficially with little concern for creating a bluish discoloration due to light scatter, known as the Tyndall effect. (This filler is also excellent alone--or in combination with Botox--for treating the vertical, etched lipstick bleeding ("smoker's) line around the mouth. And should the corners of the mouth droop and need support, Perlane L, either alone or in combination with Radiesse, a calcium-based volumizer, can provide the necessary buttressing to support this area in order to restore the 180 degrees across the mouth that characterizes youthful lips. 

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
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Can I make my lips more proportional?

Hi thanks for your pictures.  You have made a very nice assessment and have a clear definition of your goals, both of which makes our jobs as physicians easier to accomplish.  You have a very nice philtrum and cupids bow with a very quick taper as you move laterally.  Your lower lip is full and looks great.  Your options include temporary measures such as hyaluronic acid fillers (juvederm and restylane) and permanent implants.  My advice to you would be to try the fillers in order to achieve the look that is most pleasing to you.  You will then be left with a choice as to whether or not go with the fillers or to go to a permanent implant.  The pros for temporary filler are that the volume is customizable, the side effects are minimal, and if the look is not what you want it will go away on its own or can be dissolved more readily with hyaluronidase.  Permanent implants pros are that you will get a permanent correction.  Downside is you can get infections or extrusions with any implant and that the lips that look good on you now may not look so good at a later age.  Good luck with your evaluation and please keep us up to date with your progress so others may see the changes.

Stephen M. Chen, MD
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Can my Lips Be Made More Proportional and Full?

 Aestheically speaking, your lower lip is quite good.  It's the upper lip that is very thin on the outside edges.  Ideal lips have a full lower lip with an upper lip that's no more/less than 75% of that size.  In your particular case a combination of outer lip lifts with Alloderm Lip Implants may be indicated to augment the upper lip alone.  Leave the lower lip as is..IMHO.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Lip Augmentation

Your lips can be enhanced by using fillers such as Juvederm or with lip implants.  The most important thing is that the lips look natural and balanced with the rest of your face.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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Can my Lips Be Made More Proportional and Full

It's funny how we all focus on things we hate, yet others will like. You have a really nice cupid's bow that soooo many people desire. I understand the part about your top lip being disproportional but all you really need is a small amount to each side of the top lip, nothing to the middle, and leave the bottom lip alone. Your lips are not supposed to be the same size. Naturally the top lip should be 1/3 the size and the bottom lip 2/3 the size. Trying to make the lips proportional often ends up with the duckbill look, making it apparent that you've had lip fillers done. For you'd I'd recommend Restylane or Juvederm and I'd be conservative - as you really have nice shaped lips!

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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Lip Augmentation before and after

Dear BethanyMango,

  • Your lips already have nice anatomy and definition
  • Adding a little Juvederm (1 syringe or less) would make them more balanced
  • You can go slowly, but everyone that gets lip filler loves their results

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
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