My lipo did not work at all, what I have to do?

I had my lipo 4 months ago, yesterday I went to my doctor he said it is what it is, I hate the results he removed 1 liter fat, I'm very skinny 6.8 140 pounds, I did that because after my pregrancy I get some fat one my belly, now he made the "discount" for coolsculpting, what should I have to do it?

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Unhappy with abdominal liposuction

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It all depends upon what you look like. If you still have excess fatty tissue that has not been effectively removed from the subcutaneous space, then additional liposuction may be helpful. If your abdominal wall is weak as a result of your pregnancy, then you might need a tummy tuck to tighten the abdominal wall. Additional liposuction or coolsculpting will not help you. If there is excess fatty tissue within the intra-abdominal compartment (behind the muscle wall of the belly), then only diet and exercise will help.

Lipo and unhappy

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Pictures would help so please ad them. You may have needed muscle tightening or other procedures. I am not a fan of cool-sculpt based on the literature which states it is not very effective. Might be time for a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon. Good Luck!

My lipo did not work at all, what I have to do?

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   This is so difficult to answer without a physical exam.  I have not seen any impressive results with coolsculpting and I perform a lot of liposuction revisions, but, if your issue is muscle laxity, liposuction will not help.
If you have residual fat, another liposuction can be performed.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Unhappy with the result of Liposuction 4 month post op.

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This is very commonly the case. I agree with Jeremy Pyle, who has answered it perfectly. I get similar situations several times and patients constant blame the surgeons for doing enough for them.
Both laxicity of muscles specially below the belly button and intra abdominal contents larger than the size of abdomen results into this unhappy situation that you are in following liposuction.One liter fat removed on someone with your weight is enough and sooner or later it will show if you used good compression for first 3 months and If you did not then this is expected.
What you can try now is to go for "Power shape" massage to some clinic who can remove the irregularities and hardness of your treated area to make it soft so that it looks better.
Wishing you good luck

Liposuction and not happy

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This is a very unusual situation.  You may have had an under done liposuction. Was 1000 cc of fat removed or was the total aspirate of liquid and fat 1000cc?  Very Important. You may have rectus muscle separation from pregnancy.  You could have gained weight inside your abdomen around your intestines.   I suggest you and your physician sit down with a great set of pre and post photographs and see what you really show or do not show.  When a liter of fat is removed from your abdomen, you certainly should see some difference 100% of the time.  I am not a fan of Cool Sculpting,  It has some effect but is  an inefficient and costly way to remove very little fat.  My Best,  Dr C

Unhappy with Results

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There are basically three ways to address a bothersome abdomen.
1. Non-invasive techniques: These include technologies like CoolSculpting that have minimal downtime, no incisions and a fairly small cost. Like most things in life, the lesser consequences means a lesser result. Nonetheless, it can address specific areas of stubborn fat. It has some retraction of skin but not a dramatic amount.
2. Small incision surgery: Liposuction can provide dramatic results in the right setting. Good quality skin with specific pockets of fat can be treated to smooth contours and allow the skin to shrink down over the top of a better figure. This can come in a lot of different forms including laser lipo (SmartLipo), Ultrasonic Lipo (Lysonix) or Standard Liposuction. The first two are more expensive, more time consuming, and in the case of SmartLipo, can require drains if done well. Neither of them have ever been proven to provide better results than standard liposuction. All three will get you to essentially the same result. There is some downtime with liposuction but it is not as dramatic as a tummy tuck. Results require patience and although you would see some results right away, the final result takes 3-6 months.
3. Big incision surgery: The is a tummy tuck but can come in many different forms. This requires the most in terms of recovery but provides the ability to make the most dramatic results. The tummy tuck has made some significant improvements over the last three years and is easier to tolerate and done without drains in its modern form.

Which of the three you would be best served by is the real challenge in plastic surgery. What separates a great plastic surgeon from a good one is in knowing what procedure to do in what setting. If you see someone in consult and do not feel like that surgeon is exceptional in this treatment planning, keep looking.

Jeremy Pyle, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 120 reviews

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