My Lip Line Smile Pathetic What to Do?

My smile is getting worse teeths are not good at all

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Not enough information

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Hi there,

In order to assess everything properly, you need multiple photographs showing lips at rest, when smiling and should include a profile shot. You also need to have a dental exam to determine your occlusion (bite). Too many variables to give you an accurate answer with one photograph. Thanks.

Irvine Dentist

Definitely A Smile Analysis is in order as your next step

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Always precede treatment of the teeth with a good, comprehensive dental examination and a detailed Smile Analysis. No one should be working in our mouth without a detailed plan that is based on all the facts, all available knowledge, and xrays needed for such a plan. We do a 21-point smile analysis on each cosmetic patient before we begin the process of a dental smile makeover.

Bill Williams, DMD


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