I Need to Re-do my Lift That I Just Had. Will This Give Me a Smaller Appearance?

I had a peri aeriolar lift and aug 6 months ago and now am measuring the same as before surgery. I am happy with my size, I had 284cc silicone which took me from a pre-operative B cup to a C cup. However I don't want to be smaller following the new lollipop lift. My husband would like them to be fuller, however I am very conservative and am a runner. We have discussed changing the implant to a 339 or 371cc. Also having a tummy tuck at same time. What are your thoughts? What are the risks?

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I Need to Re-do my Lift That I Just Had. Will This Give Me a Smaller Appearance?

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If you like the size, don't change implants. The amount of tissue removed during a lift should be about a tablespoon full or so (15cc), and should not cause a noticeable size change. However, the sagging breast sometimes looks bigger than it actually is. If you raise your arms above your head, simulating a lift, you will get a fair idea of expected appearance after a lift. It it looks too small, then consider larger implants. All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Revision breast lift and augmentation

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It is difficult to say if there will be a significant change in breast size with another mastopexy without knowing more about your physical exam and the type of breast lift that your surgeon will be performing. The breasts may appear fuller, just by having the breast lift procedure. Having a tummy tuck at the same time should be safe and is a procedure often combined with breast surgery.

Wm. Todd Stoeckel, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Revisionary Breast Augmentation/Lifting?

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Thank you for the question.

Your question is not one that can be answered precisely without direct examination and a full communication of your goals. I would suggest that you communicate your goals clearly with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery. I prefer the use of goal pictures  rather than the use of words such as “natural” which can be misleading and/or a source of miscommunication. You may find these attached link discussing the risks associated with the breast surgery helpful.

Best wishes.

Breast lift and revision

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Revision of your breast lift is something that would need to be discussed in person.  If you want fuller breast, you may need larger implants.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Risks of revision breast lift

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Based on your story I am assuming that you are dissatisfied with the periareolar lift in particular but the size is OK for you but not your husband. 

I wouldn't assume that conversion to a lollipop lift by itself would make much difference in size so the question becomes are you more happy in making yourself or your husband happy with the results.  That said, going 50 - 75 cc larger is not a huge difference.

Regarding a tummy tuck at the same time, that can be a very safe combination.  You may feel that the implants look a little larger after the tummy tuck so you may want to take that into account.

York Jay Yates, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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