I Had my Life Style Lift on October 5th and my Cheeks Are Still Swollen and my Mouth Droops

I had my proceedure ,Life Style lift and lazer treatment done on October 5th 2011 and my cheeks are still swollen and my mouth droops. CanI expect this to go away ?

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Lifestyle lift problems

It is impossible to say with seeing photos or examining you, but if you are still having drooping of the mouth after surgery it is likely either from a failure of the lift or from nerve damage.  I would say follow-up with your doctor but I understand this can be difficult with that franchise.  You may want to seek another opinion with a non-Lifestyle Lift physician if the problem persists.  Good luck.

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Mouth droops and cheeks swolen after lifestyle

Mouth drooping is serious. this could be injury to the marginal mandibular nerve. Without pictures I cant truly evaluate you but you should see a board certified plastic surgeon fo advise you

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
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My Life Style Lift on October 5th and my Cheeks Are Still Swollen and my Mouth Droops

Six weeks quite long for swelling. Best to be examined or seek second opinion in person. If the LSL center will not respond to you I would e/mail Dr Malcolm Paul in CA. He is reviewing issues with the LSL results. 

Malcolm Paul, MD. Suite 810 1401 Avocado Avenue Newport Beach, CA 92660. Phone: 949-760-5047; Fax: 949-760-0978; Email: mpaulmd@hotmail.com

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