My left nipple is substantially bruised. Should I be concerned? (photo)

My left nipple is really bruised but my right is fine. Do you know what causes one to bruise so bad and one not to? Its not uncomfortable or painful and incisions/glue look fine. I'm one week post surgery today. Anything to bw concerned about? My dr is gone for the holiday so I could make an appointment with his partner if you think ita cause for concern. I'm not worried, but my husband is sure my nipple is going to fall off :)

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Bruised nipples

By now, you should know if it was just a bruise or more... but in general, if skin is warm and refills, it should do okay.  If cold and getting darker, you must let your surgeon know.

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My left nipple is substantially bruised. Should I be concerned?

Yes be concerned! See the "covering" doctor just for peace of mind. The issue could be nothing or it could be impending necrosis, can not diagnose via the internet.///

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One nipple bruised, the other is not.

There appears to be a bit more bruising on one breast, and that has occurred with the nipple/areola complex as well. You simply had a bit more capillary bleeding on one side. The amount of blood has not caused significant swelling, and the tissues all look viable, however, so this should continue to heal well. Keep your activity level low until you see your surgeon again. If you remain concerned, then schedule an appointment with your surgeon's partner, but based on your photos, I think it is OK to wait until your next appointment.

If you develop more swelling, or if the color of the nipple/areola turns darker or grayish, you may be having more bleeding or circulation impairment to the nipple. If this occurs, schedule a recheck sooner, whether or not your surgeon is available. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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