Why is my Left Implant Doing This and What Can I Do About It?

I got 415cc truform1 smooth round under the muscle uhp gel implants. Overall I am very happy but it's been a month and a half and my left implant is shoved over to the cleavage. I can move it over but then it just slides back into the centre. This is a revision from it bottoming out so my Dr. stitched it pretty good underneath to prevent it again and so my nipples would be even but now I have this new problem. If I push the left over about an inch they are perfect but it just keeps coming back:(

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It may be that the pocket is over dissected towards the middle.

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There is really only one way an implant can go to the middle to much and that is for the pocket to be open in that area.  To repair this you can wear a bra that prevents the implant from doing so but it will rarely fix the problem to any significant extent especially after the capsule has already formed.  To truly repair this you would have to have your plastic surgeon close down the pocket in that area.

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Breast problem

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Dear foDiggity,

      Please submit pictures at rest and pushed into cleavage. Very difficult to give you an appropriate opinion without seeing them.


                                Dr Widder

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