My Left Eyebrow Seems to Have Migrated. Could It Be A Result of My 2 Back Teeth Missing? (photo)

...and has become pronouncedly lower than the right. I read through the site, and understand that this can be caused by dental issues; I have 2 back teeth missing, but they're on the right side. It does seem like a muscular issue, since the left side seems less animated. Bottom line, I'm a bit self-conscious about it, but on a budget (doing Grad work on the GI Bill) and have other priorities (ie: dental work unaddressed while away.) Any advice on whether this would be an expensive fix? Thanks!

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One brow much lower

One brow is much lower. Unfortunately all the browlift operations require an incision. There is ons above wher the hairline would be and one below where thehairline would be. Also there is one directly over the eyebrow.Yo must weuigh the advantage against the scar

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Uneven Brows

Yes, your left brow is significantly lower than the right. The reasons for this include asymmetrical pull of the muscles and additional laxity of the left brow supporting structures. A browlift can improve this unevenness. The procedure will leave some scars within the scalp; they would be difficult to hide though given your shaved head. 

Frank P. Fechner, MD
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