Why is my Left Eye Smaller than the Right?

I am 14 years old and my left eye is smaller than the right. My mom said that when i was born my left eye was closed completely. I did not have any problem with this until the 4th grade but it was every now and then. This school year everyday somebody has to make fun of it. And I am getting tired of it. I was wondering if I could get it fixed? Does it have to be surgery or without surgery? How much would it cost to get it fixed?

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Eyelid Ptosis

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A droopy eyelid, termed eyelid ptosis, is the most common condition which makes one eye appear smaller than the other. There are other conditions as well, but in your age group, ptosis is the most common reason.

If this is bothering you, and it seems to be from a psychosocial aspect, I would discuss this with your parents.

It is very reasonable for you to have a consultation with an Oculoplastics Surgeon. He or she may not recommend surgery for your, but at the very least can provide you with some information and insight about your condition, and make you feel much better about the situation.

You can find a well trained Oculoplastics surgeon at the site ASOPRS dot org.

Good luck

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Why is my Left Eye Smaller than the Right?

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It sounds like you have ptosis.  If your eye was smaller at birth, it is probably congenital.  It usually can be fixed via ptosis surgery.  You should see an Oculoplastic surgeon for this. 

Sam Goldberger, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

Eye size unequal.

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It is difficult to answer your question completely without photos of the eyes to see the actual differences.

With that being said, everyones eyes and face are usually different from one side to the other. That is one of the things that gives us our uniqueness. At 14 years old I would not proceed with any correction as you are still growing and changing and maturing.

Remember that the reason others "make fun of it" is their own insecurities and trying to make you feel bad so they feel superior. It does not change who you are. Be proud of yourself, wink at them and dazzle them with a great big smile and walk away. YOU WIN! 

BTW , look at the photo of me, my eyes are different sizes as well so I know what you are feeling.

Brian J. Lee, MD
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Eyelid asymmetry

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There are many causes for asymmetry of the eyelids.  These include too much skin on the eye, asymmetric pull of the muscles that open and close the eyes, and metabolic conditions such as increased or decreased thyroid function.  Before considering repair of this condition, a careful diagnosis should be made by a trained physician.  Only then can treatment be considered.  The method of treatment and cost depend on the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Jonathan Sykes, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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