Why is my Left Eye Slanted and the Corner of my Eye is Terribly Tight and Closed After Lower Eye Lid Surgery?

I had the lower eyelid surgery 3 weeks ago and the corner of my left eye is terribly tight from stitches and closed. Would it get better over time. My both eyes are very slanted too.I will be seeing my doctor in a week but I am very concerned when I look in the mirror. Left eye looks smaller than right eye because of the tightness.

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Early asymmetry and slanted eyes following eyelid surgery

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It sounds like you are very early in the healing process.  Swelling is never symmetric.  We really need a photograph to fully access your clinical situation.  Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to advise you and help you through the healing process.  

It does sound like your surgeon performed some type of canthal surgery.

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However, that does not make the situation correct.  Over time the things you are describing tend to get better.  That does not mean that they will full resolve or resolve to your satisfaction.  Unfortunately canthal surgery can be tricky.  If the eyelids do not heal to your satisfaction, do not assume your surgeon can fix the issues.  See what your surgeon says about their concerns.  If they make sense and they are open you your worries, it can be appropriate to be followed for this.  However, if you do not feel they are taking your concerns seriously, consider a second opinion. 

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Tight and Slanted Eyes after Lower Eyelid Surgery

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    There is probably some degree of swelling still present, and your surgeon may have placed canthopexy or canthoplasty sutures to secure the lower eyelid margin.  These can produce a tight and slanted eye look.  Without pictures or an exam, you should probably ask your plastic surgeon.

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