My Left Eye Protrudes out More Due to an Injury to It?

When i was 6 or 7 I had a my left eye hit directly by a large stick. Now I am 24. Ever since the injury my left eye protrudes out of its socket more so than the right one. At night when I go to sleep it never closes up completely. I've done some research and know that people with thyroid problems also suffers from protruding eyes, called Exophthalmos. And I've heard that surgery can fix this problem for those people. Is my situation the same thing? Can surgery fix my left eye?

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Protruding Eye After Accident

It is likely that the impact from the accident could have changed the boney structure of the orbital bone.  I would recommend getting an evaluation by an ophthalmologist to determine the actual cause of the protrusion, then see a plastic surgeon if applicable. 

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