Why is my left eye so much more swollen & bruised than my right eye, making both eyes look uneven? I am 4 days post op.

My eyes look so obviously uneven, even though it is so soon after surgery. My right eye looks like what I would call 'normal' but my left is awful. Slightly uneven incision in that eye also. I'm trying not to panic. Thanks.

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Asymmetric Swelling after Eyelid Surgery

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   Asymmetric swelling after eyelid surgery is not unusual, but any concerns with vision or the eye bulging or a large size difference should be evaluated by your surgeon. 

Uneven Eyes after Eyelid Lift

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The appearance several days after surgery obviously is not the final result and most times has no bearing on the final result. The swelling may alter the normal contour of the incisions as well. As the swelling subsides the results will be revealed.  Give it time.

Dr. ES

Post Blepharoplasty Swelling and Asymmetry

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Dear ABL, Since this inquiry came in a few days ago I am hoping you have had time to see your surgeon for a post operative appointment and address your concerns. It is common sometimes to have one eye more swollen or bruised then the other however it is always best during your entire recovery phase to make frequent appointments for follow up to avoid any "panic." I hope you are healing well and my best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetric swelling is common

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I would urge you not to be worried this early after surgery. Asymmetrical post-operative swelling is not at all rare. In fact it is the more common than completely symmetrical swelling.

Follow-up with your doctor as planned and he/she will guide you through the postoperative care.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Asymmetry after eyelid surgery

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Thank you for your question.  During the immediate post operative period after blepahroplasty there is frequently an asymmetric appearance to the eyes.  Bruising as well as swelling can be worse on one side.  This can be due to multiple factors such as head position while sleeping, normal sinus drainage patterns, and use of ice packs.  Head elevation, judicious use of cool compresses, and avoiding sleeping on one side or the other (if possible) will help.  I encourage you to contact your plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns with him.  In most cases patience on you part and a reassurance from you surgeon will do the trick.

Stephen D. Duffy, MD
Myrtle Beach Plastic Surgeon

Puffy Eye

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It is important that you follow with your surgeon and have an examination.  It may just be simply more swollen or you may have an abnormal amount of bleeding/swelling that should be addressed.  I recommend that you notify your surgeon so you can be properly assessed.  Hope all turns out well.

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