My Left Eye Crease is Higher Than my Right? (photo)

I just had asian eye lid surgery on June 3, 2013. I know its too soon to tell if it's because of the swelling but I really feel like the crease on my left eye is due to not enough skin being removed the fat of the eyelid really droops over the crease. The crease is just right above my incision line and it's causing my left eye bigger. can you also tell me if the red deep line is normal?? and if the crease is too high for my asain eyes. I had slight potosis before the surgery and now it looks really bad.

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You maybe right.

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What is definitely true is that you left eyelid platform is longer than the right one.  The eyelid is also more swollen than the right side.  Overall, I think you are on track and I think by the end of the second or third month after surgery, these two sides will be so similar that it is unlikely you will feel compelled to have a revision.

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