Why is my left eye bigger then my right eye? (photo)

My left eye seems so much bigger in all my pictures.

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Asymmetric eyelids

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a little bit of asymmetry is very normal but I can see what your referring to.  It is a little difficult for me to give you good advice based on this photograph.  In general what I would say is that your left eyelid may hang slightly lower than your right with a condition called ptosis.  You may also have different sizes or volumes of your eye sockets or orbit as we refer to it.   In this situation one of your eyes is a little deeper set or lower than the other causing some noticeable difference in size giving a person "1 small eye and one big eye".

I'll attach some information you may find helpful.  Basically you need an evaluation with a surgeon who is very familiar with Asian eyelid surgery and Asian facial plastics.  In particular you want someone who is well versed in surgery of the orbit and eyelid itself.

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Asymmetric upper eyelids

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Almost everyone has mild degrees of asymmetry in the eye size. More severe forms of asymmetry require tightening the internal eyelid muscle to gain symmetry. This common condition is called ptosis. The photo is inadequate for assessing your eyes and you don't have ptosis based on the photo, however.

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