My left eye ball is bigger than right. But it was recently before 3 years

Hello Doctors,       I am  male , my age is 27 . I naturally  had equal even eye from my birth till i was 18 year.  I must admit that i had frequent masturbation  so slowly my eye balls went deep inside i.e., my vision not got affected  but eye balls went behind my cheek bone ,  but   before 3 years back i stopped masturbation, the moment i stopped it , my eyes stared coming out but left eye came out very fast than my right eye. so the result was now my left eye is down and left eye is up, it gives a drastic look ... and daily i am  crying for it ..please give me a solution ? have you faced any patient like me ? and cured it ? thanks in advance   

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Slight asymmetry of the eyes is normal is not a product of masturbation.

The slide asymmetry in the photographs is completely consistent with normal anatomy. There is no cause for it save genetics. It is unworthy of surgical correction.

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