My left is different from my right ear. What can I do to make them look normal and symmetrical? (photo)

My left ear is kind not normal like the right ear can u help me what should i do just to get him look normal. Sry because my bad english

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While no one is absolutely symmetric, your left ear does have a Wolnerian (Darwin's) tubercle, a small protrusion from the helical rim. This can be easily trimmed under local anesthesia with minimal recovery.

My left is different from my right ear.

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The helix of your left ear has a Darwin’s tubercle in its upper third and is also bent slightly forwards and outwards like a shovel. Such anatomical variations, either on one or both sides, are quite common. It is rare to have absolutely symmetrical ears, but if the existing asymmetry should disturb you, you could have the upper third of your left ear brought closer to your head with an otoplasty: either with the traditional method, or with the minimally invasive stitch method. If you should still not be happy with the results, then you could undergo a resection of the Darwin’s tubercle and possibly a little of the adjacent skin of the helix.

Waldemar Merck, MD
Germany Plastic Surgeon

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