Is my left breast swollen beyond what is considered normal? (photo)

I am 5 days post-op...reduction w new Silicone and lift. From 36J to approx 34D-DD. PS also did some lipo of my sides. My right breast feels fine..but my left bruise is significantly more swollen and painful. I also have a white colored area from areola bandage around the side.Does this appear to be normal swelling or possible hematoma? I'm only concerned because the swelling seems to have increased in the last 48 hours as well as the fluid/air "gurgling" sound (mirror image attached)

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Breast Swelling

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From your picture it looks like normal post-op swelling, but you should see your PS if you have any concerns.  I can not say for sure without and exam if you are having any issues. Good luck

Red Bank Plastic Surgeon

New Silicone with Lift

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I think you look good, although I don't have the benefit of examining you.  Your nipples are pink, and appear to be close to center of your breast mounds. All the skin appears to be nice and pink, and the white spot does not appear worrisome. Your breasts appear to be of equal size.  Some bruising is normal, and usually a hematoma is dramatic and huge.  I would rejoice.  However, your questions need to be answered "live" by your surgeon.
Good Luck,  "Dr. Joe"

Photos look normal

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at this point in your recovery and the breasts do not appear that different.  If your volume is changing, you must let your surgeon know.  And you should be in contact with your surgeon for ANY concerns during your recovery.

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Swelling is normal.  The nipples are pink, so no worries there.  Gurgling is common and will resolve over time.  See your surgeon regularly if for no other reason than reassurance.

Breast lift and augmentation and swelling

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Be patient. You are only a couple of days out form surgery. If concerned go see your surgeon. I do not see much in the photos, but an exam in person is always best.

Swelling after Breast Surgery

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Dear zena1246,

Swelling takes about 48 to 72 hours after surgery to "peak", so having an increase in swelling the past 48 hours is considered normal. In addition, having one side more swollen than the other is also normal, anytime two of something is operated on one side is always bound to be a little different than the other, this will resolve and balance out as you heal. That being said, if you are concerned about a hematoma or abnormal swelling it is always best to check with your operating surgeon. Best of luck!

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