My Left Breast is Swollen and Harder Than the Other. Is There an Infection?

Its been 4 months since my surgery. About a week ago I would notice my left breast feeling sore if I slept on it or on my side. Now it looks swollen (almost like a few weeks after surgery look) and is no longer as soft as it was. It feels like there is some "heat" to it, but I can't really be sure.Also if there is pressure on it, there is a slight pain. Could I have torn something or could it be an infection?

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Breast swollen and harder months after surgery.

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Breast swelling and persistent pain is concerning. Further, other signs like the area feeling hotter, skin redness and fevers are common indications of an infection. It is more common to see infection after breast augmentation within the first month, but infections can occur long after surgery. 

It sounds like your symptoms are mild, and there are other self limited conditions that can cause your symptoms, but it is impossible to make that call over the internet. I recommend following up with your plastic surgeon ASAP to be safe.


Concerns of Implant Infection

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   Any concerns of implant infection including redness, fluid collection, pain, swelling, etc. should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

Breast Implant Swelling

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Hi, if the left breast feels swollen and hot, you should get in to see your surgeon. Common signs of infection are swelling, tenderness, redness, feeling hot, fever, and drainage.There are other causes of swelling as well.Your surgeon can help you determine the cause and guide you as to what to do.

An infection or a seroma is a possibility

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Thank you for the question.  What you are describing is not normal and should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon.  It sounds like you may be developing an infection or you have developed a seroma.  Evaluation and close observation by your plastic surgeon will be important.

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