Why is my Left Breast So Much Larger? (photo)

I am 36 yrs old and decided to get BA 6 months ago. I have 350 cc's in each breast but my concern now is that my right one looks extremely large and full, as my left one looks more normal. They don't feel hard and are not painful, but I'm very concerned and freaking out that they won't look the same and I may need surgery again :(. Should I be worried???

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This amount of swelling 6 months post op needs to be evaluated. An ultrasound is probably sufficient. If it is inconclusive, your doctor may order an MRI. This is most likely not a health risk to you, but will probably need to be dealt with surgically at some point. Good luck.

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There is a clear asymmetry in your photos, but it is impossible to tell you more without pre-op photos. This could be the result of preexisting asymmetry or a change within the breast itself - such as a capsular contracture, seroma or hematoma. I recommend you see your operating surgeon in the near future for a more definitive opinion.

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetric Breasts post Breast Augmentation

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Hello noname78-

Your right breast does look 'significantly' larger than your left side in this photo. I assume that this change is recent and an explanation for this difference is something that you should explore with your surgeon. A mammogram, ultrasound and/or MRI should be able to help determine what might be contributing to this increase in size, such as fluid around the implant. 

Good luck in your pursuit for an answer. 

Breast asymmetry

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If this assymetry is of sudden onset I would be concerned - I would look at pre operative photos though that it was just missed prior to surgery and two different sized implants should have been used

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Clearly your right breast is much larger.  An ultrasound would be indicated at this point to look for fluid around the implant (old blood or serous fluid).  Something will need to be done to improve this as it won't likely resolve on its own.  Good luck!

Asymmetry after breast augmentation at 6 months post op

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After reviewing your photo, it is very clear that your right breast is much fuller than your left breast. I would suggest going to see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible for an evaluation. It is possible that you have developed a fluid collection otherwise known as a seroma or a capsular contracture. Again, a formal examination is the only way to know for sure.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

R. Michael Koch, MD
Tarrytown Plastic Surgeon

One sided enlargement after surgery should be evaluated.

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There are three things that can cause one sided enlargement of breast implants. Blood or clear serous fluid can cause enlargement. Blood usually is painful so since it is not painful it maybe a seroma.  The fluid may need to be removed to be tested. I would see your surgeon. It can also be that the right implant is becoming encapsulated by scar tissue. That would require a surgery to release the scar tissue. Please check with your surgeon.

Ralph M. Rosato, MD
Vero Beach Plastic Surgeon

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