Hi! I'm 5'2" and 110lbs. I had a mommy makeover on june1, it has been 3 weeks and 1 day.Has my Left Breast Bottomed Out? (photo)

Hi! I'm 5'2" and 110lbs. I had a mommy makeover on june1, it has been 3 weeks and 1 day. Originally my left breast was more saggy and just slightly bigger than my right, maybe AA on right and A on left, so my ps decided that I needed a lift and smaller implant (350cc) on my left and a bigger implant on my right(375cc) . However since the 1st day I noticed that my left is still bigger than my right. I am not satisfied with my left breast . Do you think that the left breast has bottomed out?

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No Sign of Bottoming Out Of Left Breast Implant

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Good news, your left breast implant is not bottoming out.  It appears you had a Benelli (circumareolar mastopexy).  Things are looking great.  Nipple areolar complex at the same level.  The right breast definitely looks a little smaller than the left; however, this may be due to swelling.  It will take anywhere from 3-6 months to get the final picture and as the swelling goes down, then you'll actually know which breast is larger, if any.  The implants will become more tear drop in shape.  At this point, immediately after surgery, you look like you've been shot in the back with two torpedos.  As the excessive fullness in the upper quadrant comes down, and the breasts become tear drop shape, much of the asymmetry may vanish.


Don't forget to give time, time and congratulations on picking a good surgeon.  This early after a Benelli mastopexy, most patients look much worse.  Kudos to him or her and kudos to you on picking that plastic surgeon.

Has breast bottomed out?

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No i don't think that your breast has bottomed out. At three weeks after surgery you still have a considerable amount of swelling which is normal. Take a deep breath and relax. You need to be patient and give it at least 3 months before you can sort of tell what it's going to look like. Hang in there. 

??Bottoming out??

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  • No, neither implant is bottoming out. 
  • Bottoming out occurs when the implant descends on the chest wall, leaving the nipple and areola too high on the breast--this has not occurred here.


From these photos the breasts look fairly even.  The difference I see is that there is more swelling in the left areola. That is likely to even out. I have a tough time discerning a size difference in this photo. No one is exactly even, before or after surgery. 


At any rate it is way too early to evaluate the results of your surgery. Give yourself at least three months.  You can see this recommendation over and over if you look through the many Q&A's on these pages. 


Best wishes.


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Discussion with your PS would be helpful...

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Your pictures indicate residual asymmetry, with your left breast being slightly larger than the right breast.  It also appears that in addition to a bilateral breast augmentation, you’ve also had a left sided peri-areolar mastopexy.  There’s no evidence that your left breast has bottomed out.

            It’s not unusual for patients to note breast symmetry immediately following breast augmentation, this is especially true if a unilateral breast lift has been performed as well.  This asymmetry can occur for a variety of reasons but is often related to swelling which takes time to resolve.  It usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks for enough swelling to resolve to make aesthetic judgments possible.

            At three months the majority of patients are happy with their symmetry and aesthetic result.  It’s therefore important to be patient in the immediate post-operative period.  It’s also important to discuss these issues with your plastic surgeon.  Your surgeon can rule out more serious problems such as hematoma formation and hopefully alleviate your anxiety.  This will ultimately make this a better experience for you.

Postop bottoming?

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Based on your photos, I do not see bottoming out.  you are only 3 weeks from your surgery.  It takes at least 4-8 weeks for the swelling to go away (depending on the techniques utilized and your activity level after surgery).   Some PS say it truly takes 6 months to see your final results.  In terms of volume asymmetries, remember, it is unlikely you were symmetric to begin with.  And there are some limitations of what your surgeon can achieve in terms of symmetry.  Please followup with your PS and best of luck.


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