35 days post op. Why is my left boob rock hard and up higher and my right is down lower and a lot softer? (photo)

Right boob lower and softer. Left boob is rock hard and sits up higher making it look bigger.455cc in right boob and 480 cc in left with high profile silcione. My left boob is still sore and feels reallytight aswell. I had a second surgery the day after surgery due to fluid and blood clots forming in the left breast and had to have it drained. Im now 35 days post op.

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35 days post op. Why is my left boob rock hard and up higher and my right is down lower and a lot softer?

This is an example of severe capsular contracture occurring after a hematoma on the involved side. Sorry but re operation ONLY option... 

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Advice: "Hardness a month post breast augmentation

Hi and thank you for your question and photographs. I can see why you are concerned. Remember you've undergone evacuation of a haematoma from your left breast. it will take longer for this side to settle. give it some time and for your own reassurance make an appointment to see your own Plastic Surgeon soon. Good luck

Sultan Hassan, MD, FRCS(Plast)
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35 days after breast augmentation

Being that you had a problem with one breast it is not surprising that the one has not come down so much, Give it more time and see how it progresses over the next few months. It is possibly that you may need a revision.

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Capsular Contracture?

Thank you for your picture.  What you are describing sounds like a capsular contracture.  An exam is crucial for an accurate diagnosis.  This is a bit early for a capsular contracture to occur.  I would wait a couple of months to see if this improves. I am an advocate of implant exercises to soften the pocket.  This can't hurt and may help.

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Thank you for the photos though a full exam and pre-op photos would be helpful.  That said the infra mammary fold on the left is higher as is the nipple from the photos if that were the case pre op it might be expected that the implant would sit higher.  If this occurring post surgery and a repo for a bleed it could be early contracture

Dr Corbin

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Rockhard high breast implant after hematoma removal is most likely capsular contraction

I am sorry to hear of your difficulty.  I agree with others that the most likely problem is capsular contraction as a result of the hematoma.  Unfortunately open capsulectomy with removal of capsular tissue and replacement using acellular dermis will likely be required.

Breast asymmetry after augmentation

You have breast asymmetry after breast augmentation. Asymmetries are common immediately after breast augmentation and typically improve over 3-6months. There may be concern for capsular contracture withe the history of bleeding on the left side. Conversely the right implant maybe sitting too low. A formal exam would need to be performed. Regardless patience is key to see where things will settle over the next several months to determine if any revision will be necessary. Hopefully things will even out and soften. Good luck

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Early contracture after breast surgery

I'm so sorry to hear about your difficulty after your surgery.  It looks as if you may have early contracture on the left side and this would be consistent with your story- blood in the breast implant pocket is one of the things that correlates highly with capsular contracture.  I recommend a re-evaluationby your plastic surgeon to see what he or she suggests about treating this situation- it may require a revision but is likely very fixable.  
While it is unfortunate that these things occur, it is important to remember that complications such as these are most often not the fault of the implant or the surgeon, but simply an unfortunate sequence of events that happens in a certain small number of cases.  The best thing to do from this point is to get an evaluation and a plan for improvement.
Best wishes, 
Dr. L

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One breast higher and harder

Thank you for your question about your breast implant healing.

Your left breast is higher and harder because bleeding and re-operating tend to irritate the tissues. It will take at least 3 months - quite likely longer - for the left side to begin to catch up with the right. Best wishes.

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