My Latisse DID NOT Come with Enough Brushes...only for About 8 Weeks? Why?

I purchased Latisse from my Doctor and the box doesn't have nearly enough brushes. Do I get another box from the doctor? Looking at the box itself you can see 16 weeks worth of brushes wouldn't fit in that box, maybe it's a way to get me to see the dr. again?

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Feel free to wash and re-use the brushes that came in the package. However, most patients purchase small, soft makeup brushes at a make-up supply store. These seem to be the best option.


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Enough Latisse Brushes

The "Kits" that include the bottle of Latisse and the brushes are pre packaged by Allergan corporation.  There are not packs of brushes laying around to be had.  The proper use of the product is that a drop is put on the brush, the brush is used to place the product, and the brush is thrown away.  The brush is the drug delivery device.  It is 5% of the product that used to go into the eye.  Allergan says that they have heard some complaints about the brushes themselves and are making improvements.  The "Kit" is designed for 30 days of use.  Most patients will use it everyday for four months and then go into "maintanance" mode, (Mon-Wed-Fri).  The "Kit" will last longer when used this in the maitanance regimen.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
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Making the Latisse brushes last

I always recommend that the brushes that come with the Latisse kit be used for more than one day. That way they will last for the entire treatment until the bottle is empty.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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Latisse Brushes

Thank you for your question.

The latisse packet comes pre-packaged by Allergan. Your doctor won't have extra brushes. Most patients re-use the brushes for more than one day.

Some patients have told me that you can buy disposable brushes at makeup stores as well.


Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Latisse brushes

Each box of Latisse is NOT supposed to last for 16 weeks. Each kit is about 2-3 months' supply - one drop a night total for both eyes is needed, not one per eye! The little bottle of Latisse has about 90 drops in it. We tell our patients to use the brushes for 2 nights and then throw them away and get another brush out. But your expectation should not be that the kit was supposed to last for all 16 weeks!! Incidentally, Allergan packages the boxes all the same - so your doctor isn't shorting you brushes - this is how the packages come!

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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