During Liposuction Follow-Up Appointment the Doctor Didn't Comment on Whether or Not I Need Touch Up, is This Normal?

Had liposuction of the left breast more than 3 months ago. Went for my last appointment and the doctor looked at my breasts but did not say anything on the results. The left breast is still bigger and droops more. He just gave me an ointment for the mild ezcema I was having and I was sent home forever. I paid him so that my breasts are more symmetrical. As a professional, he should have advised whether there's need for a touch up. Should I go back after 6 months and pay again for touch up?

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"touch up" policy should be negotiated prior to surgery

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we have a policy of touch ups that makes clear if one is needed who pays for the facility/anesthesia/surgery costs.  the truth is, liposuction of the breast really cannot treat drooping of the breast.  furthermore, if your breasts are very fibrous it may be hard, even with ultrasound assisted, to adequately remove tissue.  i would go back to see your surgeon to discuss whether anything else can be done.  if you are not happy/comfortable with your surgeon, i would not simply plan on going back and paying him for more work.  good luck!

Touch up after liposuction

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He might believe there is still swelling that needs to go down before suggesting more liposuction. As to the sagging though, I would anticipate the breast to sag if you had fat removed from it with a liposuction technique and no skin was removed

Touch -up

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Liposuction of the breast can cause sagging. Sometimes a lift is in order.  You should discuss with the doctor what his policy is regarding revisions.

Touch up

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Liposuction of the breast can decrease size but does not improve position or sagging. I do not comment on whether or not patients need a touch up if I do not feel they need one. I encourage patients to share with me any concerns they have and go from there. 

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