I Had my Lasik Done on 28/1/2013.. my Vision is Perfect, Becomes Blurry At Night, Normal?

when I look at the street lights or the car headlights.. the light becomes very blur and its very hard to drive.. The doc said that my vision is perfect and has prescribed me with pilocar 2% for a month.. b4 this he prescribed me 'ontears' bt it dint help.. and I don't think think this vl help either.. what should I do

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Blurry Night Vision After LASIK

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Glare at night is common for the first month or few months after surgery but generally resolves with time. If you have glare that persists for more than six months after surgery (or one year after surgery if you were far-sighted) most likely you have a small amount of residual astigmatism left. It may be possible to fix this with more laser but if your vision is perfect, you may want to live with the glare rather than risk additional laser. It really depends on how much the glare interferes with your driving. Drops such as Alphagan P will often relieve the glare if you take them before driving at night.

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