Will my Lashes Go Back to Original Length Not Being Able to Use Latisse Due to Eye Lift Surgery?

I began using Latisse 13 weeks ago. I have scheduled an upper eye lift for November 14th. How soon prior to the surgery should I stop using Latisse? From the doctors answers I have been reading I am going to have to discontinue using Latisse for a month after surgery. Therefore, taking the amount of time I must stop using Latisse (prior to surgery) plus the month after surgery (for healing) will my lashes go completely back to the length they were prior to using Latisse? Thank you JudithKay

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Latisse, eyelashes and cosmetic eyelid surgery

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Hi Judith. Latisse is a great way to grow longer, thicker and darker lashes.  However the medication increased any inflammation that you have in the area of your eyes.  For that reason, you should stop the medication while you are healing from eyelid surgery.  I would suggest that you stop the day before surgery and start again when your eyelid surgeon suggests you do so (probably about 1 month after surgery).  The good news is that studies show that the full effect of Latisse lasts about 1 month after you start.  So the bottom line is you should not loose much ground with your lashes.  Good luck with your eyelid surgery.

Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Discontinue Latisse a few days before surgery.

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Thank you for your question. Discontinue Latisse a few days before surgery. After surgery you will want to ensure all swelling has subsided before applying. Always a good idea to check in with your surgeon before starting Latisse after surgery. 


Using Latisse while healing from surgery

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Thank you for your question, I would recommend that you stop using Latisse a day or two prior to your surgery. Speak with your surgeon to see when he is comfortable with you using it again. Unfortunately if he requires a long period before restarting Latisse the results will wear off, but when you are able to start using it again your results will come back and be a nice compliment to your eye lift. best wishes for your surgery.

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I see no reason to stop before surgery. Stop after surgery only if your doctor feels the application would retard healing.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Stopping Latisse for Blepharoplasty

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I would suggest discontinuing Latisse one week prior to your surgery. Latisse increases inflammation at the lash line and the goal is to minimize the inflammation after your blepharoplasty surgery. Most likely your lashes will return to your original length after 6 weeks of no Latisse. Once you have healed your surgeon will give you the green light to resume your Latisse and your lashes will grow again. In the postoperative period your eyelids will be swollen, bruised and inflammed which is not a good time for Latisse. Depending on how you heal your surgeon may approve Latisse use after 2 weeks of healing. Good Luck!

Jennifer Wang, MD
San Francisco Ophthalmologist

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