1st Lightsheer Laser HS to underarm and bikini areas. I have a darker skin tone, will I see results on the lowest setting?

I had my first laser treatment today (underarm and brazilian...using lightsheer duet HS), I am pakistani, so my skin is darker in the labia area. When the procedure was done on my underarms I felt no pain, on my bikini area it felt pain, My question is; at 4.5 lowest setting will I see any results or should I try using local anasthetic to numb the area to try a higher setting, Post treatment I have no blistering or redness...could it be just my pain tolerance is really low in that area??

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Although LighSheer Duet is FDA approved for all skin types, the 1064 wavelength is best for dark skin types

I don't know exactly how dark your skin is.  Types 5 and 6 should probably be treated with a 1064 YAG laser for the safest treatment.  The 4.5 setting is extremely low and it will take several treatments to get results with that level.  The underarm is less sensitive than the bikini area.  I wouldn't use topicals because pain is an important feedback so the laser doesn't treat too aggressively.  Other docs will have different opinions, this is mine.  Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Destin.

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