Was my Laser Treatment Done Correctly?

I had my first brazilian laser hair removal treatment done today. I wasn't shaved just trimmed. Will I get the same results if I have the stubble? During the procedure I only felt the "pop of a rubber band" once. I didn't have type of numbing or cooling cream put on. They used ultrasound gel and that's it. Being that I felt the pop once shouldn't I have felt it more often? Skin wasn't red or anything afterwards.

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Was my Laser Treatment Done Correctly

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Without knowing what laser was used or what settings, this is hard to answer. In general, you should be clean shaven before a laser procedure so the light or laser can more directly target the follicle. Also in general, feeling the popping means that you are feeling the destruction of the hair follicle. Not feeling it doesn't mean it's not happening, as we all have different pain tolerances and feeling, so see how your results are in the next few weeks.

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