I Had my Lapband 5 Years Ago. I Lost 150 Lbs. Fairly Quickly. It Stopped and I Have 150 to Go. What Should I Do? I'm Gaining Now

Surgeon left field and no one will touch me in Atlanta. Endocrinologist says I should have it removed so I can eat healthier proteins. Now I can eat beef and shrimp and very little else. I throw up a lot. Last adjustment, my port had flipped. They said they can't add any more to it. Should I have it removed and do something else? I have heart disease, diabetes, and hypothyroid.

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Problem with lap band

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if your port has flipped or if you have problem eating or excessively throwing up, you will need to remove the band ASAP. The band is doing no good and in future will cause problems such as slipped band, which is a true medical emergency. The best option is Lap Band Removal and covert to gastric sleeve at the same time. I have performed many such procedures and my patients loss a lot of weight, are very happy and don't have to deal with having a band or band fills. If you have insurance, the removal and conversion to sleeve is usually covered if your doctor dose a good job on documenting your problems and submitting request for treatment to insurance company.

Port Flips

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Repositioning a port is simple skin surgery and can be done easily. At the same time you can have fluid removed from the band to see what you can tolerate. 
Most band patients cannot tolerate over-cooked meats - like dry chicken or rubbery eggs. To cook them better use a Sous Vide cooking method and you will tolerate all proteins. 
Conversion to a sleeve is always an option, but try to get this band to work first. 
Good luck

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