Do I Have to Have My Lap Band Unfilled Prior To Having a Brachioplasty?

I had the lapband and i want to have brachioplasty surgery, i'm afraid of being unfilled i'm at my goal. but it took awhile to get to the proper fill that would work for me, i didn't remove my fill when i was pregnant, since this procedure will be general anesthesia, will i need to be unfilled?

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Lap band and surgery

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I don't have patients deflate their lab band prior to surgery.  If you have issues with either poor nutrition or bad gastroesophageal reflux, it may be recommended to deflate the band.

It's super important to be sure you are at a stable weight before having body contouring surgery.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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No, you don't need to deflate the lap band for brachioplasty surgery.

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No, I would not require you to deflate your lap band prior to brachioplasty or any body contouring procedure. Quite the contrary, I would highly encourage you to maintain the same volume since it took some adjusting to find the right fill for your body. 

Brian J. Lee, MD
Fort Wayne Plastic Surgeon
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