My Jaw is in an Unusual Position, Does It Need to Be Pushed Forward from the Back? (Photo)

I've been looking at before and after pictures online of people who have had jaw surgery, and i've never seen anyone with my jaw! i think a chin implant wont make an improvement,, would you suggest genioplasty? I personally think it needs to be pushed forward from the back as i think i have a wide short face. how do i make it longer and slender like the attatched picture? thanks!

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Weak Chin Profile

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You have a retrussive chin that can be fixed simply with a chin implant, or more invasively by breaking the jawbone and advancing it.  It will depend upon how your teeth fit together in occlusion.  If you decide to do the chin implant option, the implant is inserted thru a small incision under the chin under local anesthesia.  A sliding genio-plasty will require a day or two in the hospital

Chin Implant

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Your chin is retruded. A chin implant ,sliding genioplasty or jaw advancement are all possible solutions.Without further information it is not possible to determine which choice would be appropriate for you.

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