I Had my Second IPL Treatment 4 Weeks Ago. I Am Still Have Redness and the Sunburn Sensation- Normal?

I had my second IPL treatment about 4 weeks ago. I am still experiencing redness with the sunburn sensation on my l cheek. I am getting treated for a birthmark. Funny thing is that the birthmark area which required higher intensity is not even red. He treated the birthmark as well as surrounding areas. He did say that I could resume Ziana (acne med) right after which I found out was a big NO NO. Should these issues be resolving by now?

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Redness after IPL

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I usually tell patients that they might experience minimal redness or swelling after an IPL, but never for as long as you are describing. My office has performed over 100,000 IPL treatments. The most I would say you should expect for a severely treated area like a birthmark, would be maybe 3 days of redness. And even that should be minimal redness, nothing too painful or stinging, if you're being treated correctly with the right number of passes and the right settings. I'm not actually opposed to his advice to allow you to use the Ziana after, but I would have told you not to use it for about 3 days before the treatment as that could make you much more photosensitive and give you a much stronger reaction to the IPL. I would suggest  you contact the office and possibly be evaluated. I'd say that what you are describing isn't normal and should have resolved by now.

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