I Got my IPL Done for Brown Spots and After 3week I Look Worse?

After 5 day IPL, brown spots fell off and turned to pink. A few days later pink area turn brown. Did I get burn from ILP.Should I continue with next second IPL? Office said it supposed to happen. But I am very concerned with my skin. After IPL I have more darker patched around my nose and mouth.

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It is important to avoid sun exposure after treatment.  I would encourage you to use a good sunscreen and to start hydroquinone 4% cream.  It is common to also have multiple treatments of IPL one month apart from one another.  I would consult with your physician.

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You should be on some skin brightening product like Hydroquinone 4% or Kojic Acid and broad spectrum sunscreen daily.  Patients typically need multiple treatments of IPL, 2-4 weeks apart for optimal results.  It is very difficult to tell you exactly what you need without seeing a photo.

Good luck.  Hope this helps.


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